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  • Professionalization courses
  • Integration course Studio-PACT

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As a higher education institution, Ésacto’Lido is under the inspection of the Ministry of Culture and has been accredited for awarding the National Higher Professional Diploma of Circus Artist (DNSP-AC). With its accreditation, the school has developed several projects related to creation, training and research.

  • organization of higher education DNSP-AC studies
  • support and implementation for professional insertion and continued vocational training for young artists
  • inscription to regional, national and international training programmes
  • regional organization of professional circus arts sectors
  • research and development in the teaching of circus arts
  • implementation of regional, national and international partnerships
  • participation in the development of course curriculum for professional circus arts training at regional, national and European levels
  • establishment of national and European networks for the development of circus arts education


The school’s educational project is based on a strong creative axis aimed at giving young artists the means to flourish and become autonomous in their professional life. The training offered is part of a comprehensive understanding of the circus artist’s profession, from higher education to professional integration. Teaching is based on high-level practice of specialties and continued creative research in association with national and international professional networks.

The school’s modern teaching approach encourages a high degree of autonomy and working respect for team members. Creative development is thus freely explored with the aim of allowing students to invent an independent artistic vocabulary. The student is accompanied in facing a personal confrontation, where there is no escape, no solution other than working with their own individual experiences.

Main educational objectives
By acquiring a personal high-level mastery of a specialty, the students are given the opportunity to find their personal signature. The school encourages the circus students to become independent as both stage designers and performance artists with the ability to defend creative ideas and decisions.

  • acquire multidisciplinary skills
  • develop a creative approach
  • question creative ideas and decisions
  • develop a personal circus style
  • defend artistic ideas on stage
  • adapt to working in a collective environment
  • gain artistic autonomy

All the courses share these common principles while respecting the development of particular skills related to individual specializations.


Reference texts

The Toulouse Occitanie school of circus arts (Ésacto’Lido) is authorized by the Ministry of Culture (Decree of 07/02/2019: MICD 1919553A) to issue the national higher professional diploma of circus artist at the end of a training compliant :

  • article 759-2 of the education code 
  • the decree of 27 November 2007 relating to the higher professional national diploma issued by the higher education establishments authorized by the minister responsible for culture in the fields of music, dance, theatre and circus arts and the procedure for accreditation of these establishments (MCCH0764447D)
  • the decree of 2 December 2013 creating the National Higher Professional Diploma of Circus Artist (MCCD1315688A) and its annex (BO229 MCC – Dec 2013)