Studio Pact

The school is the founding partner of the Pépinière Artistique Circassienne Toulousaine (Studio-Pact) alongside La Grainerie, a European production hub that stages circus and traveling performing arts projects. Founded ten years ago, this project aims to support new projects proposed by young circus artists. Since 2015, Studio-Pact has benefited from direct support from the Regional Directorate of Cultural Affairs of the Occitanie Region.


  • strengthen the partnership between La Grainerie and the Ésacto’Lido and the complimentary use of workspaces
  • reinforce the collaboration to ensure for more effective results
  • develop new services for artists and the local community


  • professionalization and team empowerment
  • updating communication
  • consulting and sharing experience
  • implementation of networking and planning
  • adaptation of existing tools as required by projects

Studio-Pact works on the basis of the reciprocal commitment between project leaders. These commitments include : communication, mutual support and a pledge to continuing collaboration.



Applications to Studio-Pact is open throughout the year. Support to transform ideas into viable projects is available for a limited number of proposals, which are subject to a selection process followed by close monitoring over a period of 1 to 3 years maximum.


As resources are limited, there are only a limited number of  places available for supporting projects and new proposals are accepted only as places become available when existing  projects come to fruition and leave the scheme.

Criteria and method of selection

  • resident in Occitanie
  • artistic content of the project
  • clear definition (the project must be sufficiently defined without being in a state of completion)
  • strong commitment to develop a project
  • realistic cohesion between the requirements and the potential support a commitment to the scheme and collaborative way of working

Teams wishing to benefit from support offered by the Studio-Pact have to initially register to a preliminary phase (reciprocal meetings between the project leaders and the two structures, circus trials) after which entry to the scheme is decided by a selection committee. In addition, the Studio-Pact  requires confirmation of regular working residency in the Toulouse area as stipulated by the mandatory selection criteria.

Interested by this project ?
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