Studio Pact

The school is the founding partner of the Pépinière Artistique Circassienne Toulousaine (Studio-Pact) alongside La Grainerie, a European production hub that stages circus and traveling performing arts projects. Founded ten years ago, this project aims to support new projects proposed by young circus artists. Since 2015, Studio-Pact has benefited from direct support from the Regional Directorate of Cultural Affairs of the Occitanie Region.


  • strengthen the partnership between La Grainerie and the Ésacto’Lido and the complimentary use of workspaces
  • reinforce the collaboration to ensure for more effective results
  • develop new services for artists and the local community


  • professionalization and team empowerment
  • updating communication
  • consulting and sharing experience
  • implementation of networking and planning
  • adaptation of existing tools as required by projects

Studio-Pact works on the basis of the reciprocal commitment between project leaders. These commitments include : communication, mutual support and a pledge to continuing collaboration.



Interested by this project ?
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