Meet “The circus artist in training – LACE”
November 5, 2020 at the Lido
Organized by Ésacto’Lido in partnership with La Grainerie

As part of the Night of the Circus and the Circus Artist in Training programme, the Ésacto’Lido and the Grainerie organized a meeting on November 5, 2020 between researchers, educators, members of training programmes and circus artists about the interdisciplinary issues of training.

With the support of the Ministry of Culture – DGCA as part of the call for research projects in theatre, circus, puppetry, street arts, storytelling, mime and gesture arts 2020

5th Circus Week
07-08-09 October 2020 – Montpellier
Organized by Université Paul-Valéry Montpellier 3 and Université Libre in Brussels (ULB) in partnership with the Esacto’Lido

These 3 days were initiated by the Circus programme : history, practical imaginaries of Montpellier 3 (RIRR21 research center – EA 4209) of Montpellier 3 and organized in collaboration with the Center for research in cinema and performing arts (CiASp) of the Faculty of Letters, Translation and Communication of the ULB and the participation of Circus arts research group (CIRCUS / FEF-UNICAMP) Universidade Estadual de Campinas (Brazil), Concordia University – Montreal (Canada) and the French Society of Circus Medicine.
This programme has demonstrated the success of a multidisciplinary approach and how complimentary scientific and artistic research can produce substantial results.

What is the first stage of training for circus arts in Occitania?
Regional Permanent Conference of Circus Arts Occitanie
February 4, 2020 – organized by Ésacto’Lido

For 30 years the initial training for the circus arts in France has been developed and organized with the support of public institutions at national and regional levels. The new accredited training courses, which meet the requirements and recognition of the professional sector have become essential for defining the role of both artist and teacher.
This event offered a coherent reflection on the growth of regional training courses for circus arts in relation to the artistic, social and economic developments in the sector.

Discussion concerning acrobatics with Damien Fournier and Florence Bernard
March 28, 2018 – organized by the Lido

This day was dedicated to examining the fine border between dance and acrobatics, the similarities and the new forms of expression that are distinctly different. What place should be given to acro-dance in circus schools and what kind of teaching approaches could be used? Does acrobatics convey artistic meaning and value? Is acro-dance the only evolution in acrobatics?

Meeting with Valentine Losseau : Circus and anthropology, an anthropological look at magic and performance
Meeting with Valentine Losseau
January 19 and 20, 2017 – organized by the Lido 

Circus arts and magic seem to share a common fascination with the limits of the world of imagination : this is particularly evident through the observation of physical performances. Throughout the world there are many different performances combining these disciplines […]. By closely examining these practices we have been able to question the relationship between the disciplines of performance and the ritual world of today.

Meeting with Etienne Saglio : A method for writing and creating
April 20, 2017 – organized by the Lido

Etienne Saglio presented his artistic techniques and writing methods. He shared techniques for arranging and writing performances with the students. He relied in particular on the methods developed with Valentine Losseau and Raphaël Navarro (cie 14:20) for creating the shows “Le soir des monstres” and “Les Limbes” as well as the use of diagrams, drawings, photos, videos, storyboard…