The Ésacto’Lido in partnership with university laboratories, conducts research programmes related to the teaching of circus arts with professional actors in the circus network. Through new approaches, the implementation of these programmes aims to develop the creativity of teaching and innovation within the school as well as nurture scientific research related to the circus arts. In addition to this, the school is a partner in several scientific projects and events.

The circus artist in training / LACE PROGRAMME

September 2020 to may 2021

With the support of the Ministry of Culture – DGCA within the framework of the call of research project proposals in theatre, circus, puppetry, street arts, storytelling, mime and gesture arts 2020

The first of its kind, this study is a collaboration between the Ésacto’Lido, teaching team and La Grainerie, as well as a performing arts researcher and a sociologist researcher (CRESCO, UT3). The project aims to develop a better understanding of circus training through different technical, educational, social and aesthetic approaches. This innovative scheme that extends to a European partnership (Spain and Sweden) plans to work on identifying the specific requirements and the kind of training needed to improve the career path of the circus artist.

4 main axes structure the project :

  • training in professional and amateur training programmes and courses
  • teaching methods and training techniques
  • the boundaries of training with artistic research and rehearsals
  • the social aspect : the status of the artist in training

Particular attention will be paid to the current health situation and its impact on training.

The research method

The scientific approach is multidisciplinary, composed of diverse and complementary techniques including : the performing arts, aesthetics, art history and sociology. Interactive observation of partnership structures and open debate and interviews conducted with professional and amateur artists, students and participating personnel will constitute the main body of research material.


Karine Saroh, Doctor of Performing Arts (LLA Créatis) and Research and Continuing Education Officer at Ésacto’Lido

Aurélie Vincq, Secretary General of Ésacto’Lido and member of the Board of Directors of FEDEC

 Émilie Salamero, sociologist and lecturer at Toulouse Paul Sabatier University, CRESCO laboratory (EA7419)

Scientific committee : Serge Borras (La Grainerie), Elise Van Haesebroeck (LLA Créatis, Université Toulouse Jean Jaurès), Marie Doga (Cresco, Université Toulouse Paul Sabatier), Alain Taillard (Ésacto’Lido), Alain Reynaud (La Cascade), Anne Hébraud (SUAPS, Toulouse Jean Jaurès University)

Partners : La Cascade, National pole of circus arts, La Central del Circ, space of creation and training (Spain), La Grainerie, European pole of travelling circus and performing arts projects, CRESCO Laboratory (EA 7419) from Toulouse Paul Sabatier University, LLA Créatis Laboratory (EA 4152) from Toulouse Jean Jaurès University, Manegen, creation and training space (Sweden), Toulouse Jean Jaurès University, Pep’s circus school in Blagnac, Pop Circus, circus school in Auch