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teaching coordination

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Educational director
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General secretary
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Logistics officer
(Briag Le Saint during Sophie’s absence)
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Research and further education officer

administrative team

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Administrative assistant and school secretary
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Head teachers

Research, acting and stage direction workshops


Sylvain Cousin is a juggler, manipulator and object dancer. He started on a self-taught basis before training at the Lido from 1996 to 1998. From there, he began to create and tour in France and internationally. In addition to his career as an artist, he works as an artistic director for several companies. From 2002, he became involved in sharing his experience by joining the Lido teaching team, organizing workshops and individual follow-ups. He then became a research associate for the 2nd and 3rd years and joined the Studio-PACT as an artistic accompanist.


Marie Céline Daubagna has an MA in social and occupational psychology and studied communication and listening based methods at the theatre Comedia dell’arte and clown and jester at Serge’s school Martin in Geneva. She is an improvisational match player as well as an actress. She joined the Lido team of trainers in 1992 as a theatre teacher and in 2014 became the pedagogic manager of professional training at the Lido. Since the school’s accreditation, Marie Céline Daubagna has been responsible for the educational direction of the DNSP-AC. She also supervises the circus research workshops and is stage director for the professional insertion courses.


From 2001 to 2003, Benjamin de Matteis trained at the Lido. From 2003, he participated in the creation of Cie Sacékripa (winner of Young Circus Talents and SACD prize). He then was responsible for creating the identity for a show by Cie Le Faux Populaire and has sta designed productions for various companies : POL and Freddy, Cie du Vide, June Cie, Cie Happy Face and Iéto. From 2008, he supervised acrobatics courses at the Lido, in 2014 he joined the Lido team and became a researcher for the professional integration year. He also works as an artistic accompanist for the Studio-PACT.


Dominique Habouzit works in research and stage direction. He trained at the Lido from 2000 to 2002. He has participated in clown training courses with Christophe Thellier and Michel Dallaire. He is a director for several companies : Blick Théâtre, Subliminati and Le Grand Raymond and an actor in the Groupe Merci.


At the age of 20 Garniouze started out as a juggler in the metro and streets of Paris. Self-taught, he founded the company Okupa Mobil in 1992 were he combined the circus clown, fairground spirit and street theatre. Four years later, he joined the Phun Théâtre (directed by Phéraille), a company associated with Usine (which has become 1 of 13 National Centers for Street Arts and Public Space). He has participated in the productions “Cent under”, “Les Gumes”, “Le Train Phantome”, “le Père Courage”. Since 2010, he has started to work with monologues bringing him closer to the role of an actor. Garniouze is also a director for various circus and street theater companies : Sacékripa, Uz et coutumes, 3 meters, La Famille Goldini… In 2015 and 2016, he staged two student shows : “Le naufrage de la bête with horns ”and“ Until Made in ”.


Georgina Vila Bruch arrived in France at the age of 18, obtaining a double degree in history and anthropology in Nanterre before changing her direction towards the circus. After professional training at the Lido, she worked in dance companies (LA by Rachid Ouramdane), street (Pipototal company), youth theatre (Le Sarment), physical theatre (Marta Torrents company), puppets (BlickThéâtre) and her own company (Atonita Cie). Throughout her career, she has organized workshops as well as theatre and circus lessons. She is increasingly interested in imaginative teaching. She also takes part in projects with Clowns Sans Frontières in addition to leading cultural mediation projects with the collective Les Mains Libres.


Albin Warette is at the same time a stage director, artistic director, trainer, author and actor. He works in various fields : circus, theater, indoor and outdoor shows, multimedia, street, scenography and improvisation. He is  director for several companies : Kaaos Kaamos, Cirque Exalté, the Goldini Family, Cia Zenhir, the company Monstre (s)/Etienne Saglio, the Prêt à Porter Collective. He has been a trainer for over 15 years in circus and theatre schools. In 2004, he won the Jeunes Talents Cirque award with the “Prêt à Porter” collective. In 2007, he co-founded Culture et Mouvements. Since 2009, he has been artistic director of Toulouse en Piste, an event mixing circus and street performances. Albin Warette was associated artist in 2011 at the Séchoir (the Réunion) for a project to develop contemporary circus. In 2014 he worked for a Brazilian festival (Pernambuco) where he has since regularly participated (workshops and staging).


Taycir Fadel is a playwright and artistic collaborator with Aurélien Bory (Company 111), Pierre Rigal (Last Minute Company) and Mladen Materic (Tatoo Theater). He heads workshops at the Jean-Jaurès University in Toulouse, the Institute of Political Studies in Toulouse and at ENSATT.
Visual artist, director and scenographer, Joël Fesel trained at the Beaux-Arts in Paris and participated in a number of individual and group exhibitions as a plastic and sound installer. In 1996, he founded the Merci Group with Solange Oswald of which he is the artistic co-director. Since then, he has worked in the world of image, of contemporary language, with poets, actors, choreographers and circus artists. Since 2006, he has accompanied and supported 2nd year Lido students in their study and analysis of scenography and dramaturgy.

Acrobatics, chinese pole and balancing acts

Pascal Angelier trained at the Amiens circus school and from 1986 to 1991 at the CNAC specializing in balance / hand to hand and Washington trapeze. He was awarded at the 17th Festival du Cirque de Demain with a bronze medal and 2nd Special Prize. While continuing his career as an artist, he regularly teaches at circus schools. He has worked as a teacher in introductory courses and in the vocational training sector at the Amiens School for more than 15 years and for 16 years at the Lido. Pascal Angelier is today a highly recognized teacher in his discipline and is regularly called upon by national and European schools to teach courses in his particular specialization.

Guilhem Benoît trained at the Lyon circus school in 2004 after 11 years of sports gymnastics and in 2005, he joined the professional training at the Lido. During his professional exchanges with Le Groupe Tango Sumo in 2007, he discovered and rubbed shoulders with physical theatre where he developed his Moroccan acrobatics. Over time, he perfected and broadened his approach through meeting dance professionals such as Nadj, PeepingTom, Antonia Pons, David Zambrano, Anton Lachky… After working with Léandre, the Lapsus company, the Origami – Gilles company Baron, he now devotes himself to physical theatre and works with companies such as the company 111/Aurélien Bory, Marta Torrents (“Fet a Mà”), company Chambre 5/Marek Hunhap.

Jean Couhet Guichot began as an autodidact and began his training at the age of 12 first at the Carcasonne circus school and then at the circus school in Narbonne. He has combined passions including break dancing, magic and nunchakus. After attending the Béziers conservatory of dramatic art and contemporary dance, he joined the Center des Arts du Cirque Balthazar in Montpellier, where he specialized in the Chinese pole. Over the years he has also performed acrobatics, banjo and physical theater and in 2012, he began training at the Lido. He joined the Tide Company, the Carré Blanc company, the Dadzo Cie, the Baraque company and the Satisfaction group as a banjoist and singer. He is also a professional Chinese pole trainer in Balthazar and Lido. In 2020, he  launched a new solo creation “Bateau” under the name Les Hommes Sensibles.

David Soubies is an acrobat, acro-dancer, performer for various companies including : Les Oiseaux Fous, Les Colporteurs, G. Barberio Corsetti, Les Transformateurs, Kafig company, Hors-Pistes company. In 2011, he joined Agnès Fustagueras Puig in the artistic co-direction of the Daraomaï company with which he created “L’instant K”, “Tiravol”, “Lettre à Victor” and “Façade”. In addition David Soubies is also a musician, arranger-composer for live performance and teaches acrobatics and Chinese pole at both the CNAC and the Ésacto’Lido.



Ezra Groenen has been developing innovative acrobatic aerial skills since 1995, combining her experience of contemporary dance performances with Nadine Cubilié, bridging the gap  between dance and contemporary circus. In Europe and the USA, she creates dance-climbing performances with rope and fabric accompanied by the saxophonist Finn Martin and crystal player Cathy Tardieu. With her choreographic approach to vertical spaces, Ezra Groenen founded the Tichobates company with Vincent Rebours and in 2002 this eponymous duo represented the Lido at the 23rd Festival Mondial du Cirque de Demain. Ezra Groenen is a multidisciplinary interpreter who works for numerous companies including : Wallcovering, Théâtre Tattoo, Linga, La Baraque, Cirque Bouffon, Laurent Gachet and Samuel Jornot… Artistic teacher for professional training at the National Conservatory of Toulouse, at the Conservatory of Music and of Danse in the Tarn, at the Académie Fratellini, at ACAPA Fontys Hogeschoole and at the Lido since 2003. Since 2015, she has continued her creative exploration in collaboration with Lydia Vinuela (Passe-Velours company).


Morgan Cosquer joined the Lido in 2001 after training at the Conservatory of Dramatic Art in Brest. He was co-founder of the company Sacékripa with which he created 3 shows (“Tourne around”, “Who goes on” and “Coulisses” ). He has been a prize winner for his juggling solo “Olé! “at the 29th Festival Mondial du Cirque de Demain, which has been performed over 400 times in over 20 countries. In 2012, he created the company Endogene with the visual artist Céline Couronne. Since 2006, he has been working at the Lido with internships and since 2015 as a head juggling teacher for 2nd year vocational training students.
After training in the circus schools of Lyon in 2002 and then at the Lido from 2003 to 2006, Stéphane Fillion chose to develop his career as both an artist and teacher. In 2009, he co-founded the company Lapsus, whose shows “Six pieds sous terre” and “Boutelis” have toured more than 250 times in France and abroad. He performed at the 34th and 41st Festival Mondial du Cirque de Demain (2013 and 2020). He has been a head juggling teacher at the Lido since 2006 for the 1st year of professional training and is a visiting teacher at the circus schools of Lyon and Balthazar.



After combined professional training as both a contemporary dancer and circus artist, Malika Lapeyre trained at Body-Mind Centering (BMC). In 2005, she co-founded the Collectif Petit Travers and created several pieces. In 2013, she joined the company of Elles, with whom she continues to work (“Be Felice”, “Liesses”). She teaches dance and BMC as part of the professional training programmes at Ésacto’Lido in addition to various internships, masterclasses and workshops and works as consultant for different companies (writing, interpretation, auditions). Malika Lapeyre is passionate about research, bridging the gap between somatic practice and circus gesture. She co-leads various workshops on hand balance, in particular with the researcher and teacher Marion Guyer.


Lydia Vinuela is medalist of the CNR Toulouse and in 2011 was awarded with a music baccalaureate in dance option and a state diploma of dance teaching. She has taken part in 2 academic training sessions : “Dance at school” in the Midi-Pyrénées region in March 2003 and March 2004. As a duo, she won the “Chausson d’or” competition headed by Serge Lifar in 1982 and joined the Grand Théâtre de Limoges in 1983 followed by three years at the Ballet of the Opéra national du Rhin Lydia Vinuela before turning to contemporary dance and performing for numerous Toulouse companies. In 1991, she co-founded the company Passe-Velours and in 2015 joined Ezra Groenen.

Physical training and trampoline

Bruno Bernasconi has been a sports coach for over 20 years. Passionate about all kinds of acrobatics he has set up programmes and trained acrobat groups from various disciplines for more than 10 years (tumbling, trampoline, free fall, acrobatic rock, trickz, etc.). His professional experience as a coach offers solid mental and physical training for athletes and performers.


François Dorembus is an author, composer, performer and trainer. His artistic career has been varied : from his first experience in Cali, to Zebda with his Citizen Choir, the Capitol orchestra and his participation with JL Amestoy and a CNRS team, through to the Commando Nougar, circus and music creations (“Que nervious”, “Tempo d’la ball”….). François Dorembus is one of the leading figures in his field in Toulouse. Since 1989 he has been coordinator of the Vocal Department of Music-Halle.


After several diplomas in education and social fields, Ghyslaine Belmonte works with blind teenagers who attend ordinary schools. She has been responsible for professional integration schemes for various groups (teenagers with illiteracy problems, single women, disabled workers). In 1995, she obtained her DEJEPS and has since managed an association working on cultural and preventive projects. In 2004, she obtained the DU in Writing Workshop Facilitator from the Faculty of Letters of Montpellier. In conjunction with her management position, she supervises professional training for social workers.


Laure Fesquet has a Master degree in didactic learning in FLE, is a university teacher in language sciences and works as in training organization with migrants. While taking amateur classes at the Lido, Laure Fesquet has conducted research on the specific vocabulary used by circus artists.


Jacques Cloitre holds the BEES in men’s artistic gymnastics and 1st degree in trampoline. He has worked as an artistic gymnastic trainer for 20 years. In 1999, he joined the Lido as an acrobatics teacher and then as a harness trainer. He has participated in numerous training courses : circus arts technician, harness trainer, rope access technician and first-aid. Since 2008 he has been the head technician at the Lido, responsible for the installation and safety checks of apparatus and equipment.