It’s back to school at the Ésacto’Lido with its bubbling news. Meet the graduates of DNSP 3 on tour 2023/2024 through different places in France for the presentation of their graduation show With or without you around current creation in the circus arts. These former students benefit from the API system which is a professional accompaniment towards insertion by setting up a tour in France.
“We’ve come a long way to see you up close. Eight places in the world, two oceans, a planet gathered on this shared plateau.
After this perilous journey, here is the birth of ten projects integrating twelve circus specialties, dance and theater in four dimensions.
With or Without You.”
The next dates you can find DNSP3 graduate students are:
Flourens > October 1 • 4pm in the Ballroom
Cornebarieu > 7 October • at 8:30 pm at L’Aria > Info and booking
Paris > 14,15 and 28,29 October • as part of L’Atelier du Plateau fait son cirque > Info and booking
Auch > October 21 and 22 • Festival Circa > Info and booking
Photo credits: Boris Conte